The BetterSoil Alliance is activating a collaborative community in the California Almond market to drive practical solutions that positively impact food production by improving water use, soil health and lowering GHG emissions


Fully Resourced


BSA Partnerships

  • Enabling solution validation at scale


  • Clearly defined to support ease of adoption

Digitally enabled

  • Purpose-built platform to enable BSA members unique performance insights and visibility on progress toward benchmarks

Funding for incentives

  • Financial incentives for achieving 10-15-20% improvements in NUE & water productivity


Accelerated Learnings


3-Tiered evaluation protocol

  • Incubator Farm, case study farms, crowd-sourced farms

Granularity + scale

  • Ensuring accuracy and accounting for industry-level variability

Rapid assessment

  • Evaluation structure facilities deeper learnings in less time to more quickly respond to immediate challenges
  • Overcomes typical "lag-time" associated with permanent crop research efforts




Shared Learnings

  • BSA community events to discuss field level insights and workshop food-chain engagement

Aggregated data access 

  • Access to compare individual performance to aggregated data sets from across all BSA acres

Food-chain engagement

  • Enabling discussions to develop new models that reward growers for beneficial practice changes
  • Bringing clarity to the complex topic of practical soil health benefits

Learn how you can get involved


Your livelihood depends on growing almonds, and we know how committed you are to the industry. The BetterSoil Alliance was created to support you in protecting your right to farm. We invite you to participate in implementing the solutions in your orchards through a customized crop nutrition program* for the opportunity to be rewarded based on your water productivity and soil health. The data collected from orchards will be used to better understand the positive impact the solutions can have when implemented together. Let us know you're interested to learn more.
*Please note that, at the moment, this program is only for almond growers in California

Advisors and Retailers

BetterSoil Alliance welcomes partners who want to contribute to the future success of the industry through improved water use and soil health. Join our efforts in providing the right solutions; ultimately helping almond growers maintain their right to farm and improving their ROI. Retailers are also invited to pledge to help grow the fund, and reward more growers for their efforts.


Combating the threats of rising temperatures and drought is critical to preserve yield and quality, and ultimately maintain volume and profits. Through our solutions, the BetterSoil Alliance can curb the yield and quality reduction and provide handlers a competitive edge in accessing more sustainably grown almonds. Now is the time to get involved.


Food Companies

We know for many food companies the need to meet sustainability goals and protect your supply chain is top of mind. The BetterSoil Alliance helps meet the sustainability goals while also providing growers with practical solutions to improve water use, soil health and greenhouse gas emissions. Join the Alliance and help us reward growers for their sustainably-focused efforts by pledging** to help grow the fund and reward more growers.



Do you have a solution that could contribute to improved water use efficiency, better soil health, or decreased GHG emissions? We want to hear from you. Fill out the form and we will be in touch to discuss collaboration opportunities with the BetterSoil Alliance.



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