Healthy soil matters for our health – and the health of the planet

Just like us, soil is a living organism that needs air, water and essential nutrients to thrive. Healthy soil maintains water management, recycles nutrients, and plays a pivotal role in storing carbon, helping mitigate climate change. Soil health is the foundation for resilient crop production and sustainable farming.

Today around one-third of agricultural soil is degraded, threatening food security. Soil erosion, biodiversity loss, and pollution contribute to soil degradation. If soils are not replenished with nutrients removed during harvest, this will add to the problem. There is an urgent need to restore our soils.


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Boost Water Productivity

The concept of getting the greatest agronomic benefit from water is called “irrigation water productivity”. It is influenced by many
factors; some can be managed to boost water productivity
in the field.

Manage Soil Acidity

A major component of soil health is maintaining soil acidity within the range where plants and beneficial microbes can flourish.
Soil pH is a key measurement of nutrient availability and microbial activity.

Get Good Soil Aggregation

Building good soil structure is a key part of soil and plant health. The benefits of well-aggregated
soil are understood by farmers,
but many growers are battling
soils with poor physical

Manage Water Stress

Where water supplies are limited, it is important to stretch scarce soil moisture to maintain healthy plant growth. If soil conditions are not favorable for root growth, plants will not be able to fully use the water and nutrients.

Yara's Position on Soil Health

Knowledge is the foundation for understanding soil.

Balanced crop nutrition combined with good agricultural practices are crucial for the regeneration of our soils. Yara provides farmers with crop nutrition solutions, tools, services and knowledge to preserve and improve soil, helping grow a nature-positive food future.

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